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Thursday, January 26, 2012

dongeng indonesia versi bahasa inggris

Kali ini saya akan membagikan dongeng Indonesia versi bahasa Inggris. Saya yakin anda sudah mengenal banyak dongeng Indonesia, semisal maling kundang, timun suri, dan masih nayak yang lainnya. Kali ini saya akan membuatnya dalam format bahasa yang berbeda, karena blog ini terkait bahasa Inggris maka dongeng tersebut akan saya tuliskan dalam bahasa Inggris. Anda bisa simak tulisan dibawah ini (Dongeng Si Timun Emas versi Bahasa Inggris);

"at the time of the middle of nowhere there's a mother, who had not had a child, on a sunny day dawned when he was working his desire to have children, so children could help her work. do not know where the information can be up to a giant named Boto green, if the mother had wanted a child. After getting the information that came directly ijo Boto (bu Risni).

Hi bu risni, I heard the news you want a child? Boto ijo asked, He's right! responsible bu risni astonishment, she felt confused because they never gave announcing his desire to someone else. Boto ijo then resume the question, do you want me if your wish fulfilled but with one condition? bu risni answer immediately without thinking anymore. Indeed, what condition? further bu risni . After four years of age your child should you submit to me!, Boto IJo replied.

Finally bu Risni approve the deal, not so long it's about providing the giant cucumber seeds to bu risni, the Boto ijo asked him to plant and care for her, a short story of the cucumber seeds were treated with Bu Risni.Eventually bear fruit and the magic is cucumber cucumber's cucumbers shaped like gold. Apparently in these cucumbers are a beautiful baby. finally the baby is treated bu risni up to age 4 years.

Boto ijo comes time came to collect his promise Bu risni, but bu risni refused to give the giants. bu risni argued, should you go back two years later because the baby is still small golden cucumber, not good to eat. Boto Ijo finally willing to follow their bu Risni. after Boto ijo go bu risni looking for ways to not follow their Boto Ijo,.

a short story he had to get a prescription from a hermit, a 4 pack of fabric which contains cucumber, needles, salt, and shrimp paste. and 4 package was handed over to the baby cucumbers gold. And exactly 2 years Boto ijo bill promises, but what happened to the cucumber is not willing to run if he had to be eaten by a giant. when he remembered to pack his escape earlier, and then he sow one by one.

but he sow cucumber, just make it into a powerful giant, after it si timun emas sowing needle (to be high and sharp bamboo). did not work either, he again sprinkle of salt, all of a sudden it turned into a sea of ​​salt, but do not make huge loses. Finally, the last gift he sow, which contains shrimp paste. Paste it makes the giant nausea and suddenly there was an earthquake and the giant sink, and ended the history of the Boto ijo".

itulah dngeng Indonesia versi bahasa Inggris, jika ada kata-kata yang kurang pas atau dongengnya terlalu menyimpang dari yang asli, saya mohon maaf nama nya juga dongeng yang bisa kita tambah kata-katanya yang pentingkan maknanya he,,.

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